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Texas AM Tailgating

Posted by lukelorick on October 2, 2017 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

I was able to make it to College Station this past weekend to check out the tailgating scene at the South Carolina Gamecocks vs Texas AM football game. 

The kickoff to the game was at 6:30pm and I drove in from Dallas early that morning to get there around noon. I met up with some friends at a nearby hotel and we actually did some HotelGating for a couple of hours. No really, we set up camp in the Hawthorne parking lot and got down to tailgating!

I learned that while its called tailgating at Texas AM you can't actually have a tailgate around the stadium as you can't park and tailgate out of your vehicles, like I am used to. We took a LYFT from our HotelGating to the stadium to walk around and ensure we got the full game day experience at Texas AM. 

There are white tents all around the stadium where tailgaters can set up shop and enjoy some pre-game festivities. There was no shortage of tailgaters around, heck Texas AM boasts one of the largest stadiums in college football and the fans show up to have a big time before kickoff. 

Everyone is nervous when traveling to other stadiums that they may meet some aggressive, drunk or down right mean fans...That was not the case in College Station! The fans were awesome and there was not one fight, altercation, or really anything negative from anyone that we came across that day. 

While there, we did walk around the stadium multiple times (over 8 miles of touring tailgates on foot to be exact) and saw tons of tailgates and there was a great BBQ food truck in front of the stadium that had a bbq sandwich that was on point. 

With having no vehicles it made it challenging to take around some product samples and keep beers cold so we were outfitted with a few backpack coolers to make this easier and the Polar Bear Cooler backpack did a great job of keeping the beers cold!

Hours before game time there were fans all around the stadium...I see why they call them the 12th man!

You know you're deep in the heart of Texas when horses are a part of the tailgate. There were many horses ready to help patrol the tailgates as seen in our quick video when we stumbled across where they kept the horses in the tailgating scene:

https://youtu.be/ed9IuYUN8FA" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/ed9IuYUN8FA

As game time approached we ran into a small problem: what were we going to do with the backpacks? We didn't have a vehicle or anyone tailgating that we could leave them with, so we had to improvise! We found some bushes near the stadium and tucked them in the bushes hoping they would be there when we returned (also was hoping no one thought we were planting a BOMB!) 

From there we entered into the massive Kyle Field stadium to watch some SEC football on a Saturday night. Check out the inside of the stadium and the video on the team entrance!

https://youtu.be/qL8kXaB1E5U" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/qL8kXaB1E5U

It was a tight game that Texas AM pulled out in the 4th quarter and the fans were LOUD! They also have a cannon that fires everytime the Aggies score that will literally shake you! Texas AM does not have female cheerleaders, but male Yell leaders that do an amazing job of getting the crowd going!

After the game was over we exited in the sea of people and were happy to find out backpacks still in the bushes. We hopped a LYFT to go back to the hotel and crashed after a long, fun filled day in College Station. 

Nice job Texas AM. You throw a fun tailgate! Only feedback.. let me bring my truck to tailgate:)

Special thanks to Blowfish for Hangovers and The Restroom Kit for providing samples that some lucky fans got to use. 

Getting Grilling Lessons at Church...Meat Church BBQ

Posted by lukelorick on July 22, 2017 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently had the opportunity to attend a grilling class at Meat Church BBQ in Waxahachie Texas. Meat Church BBQ ran by pitmaster Matt Pittman (What a perfect name for a pitmaster, right?)

You would expect a grilling class to be done at a business or commerical site, but not in this case. Matt turned his backyard into a grilling paradise! For real, if you love to grill out you may believe you died and went right to heaven. There are built in grills all around, from multiple Big Green Eggs, to smokers, to pizza ovens, etc. You may never have to eat out again if you lived here, but I digress. 

The night started at 6pm with about 35 gentlemen coming together to learn how to step up their grilling game. It was July in Texas so it was hot, but there was a large fan to help keep the guests cool along with ice cold waters and local beers in a Yeti Cooler. There were a few things on the agenda to cook up and, of course, taste test during the night. 

-Pork Belly Burnt Ends

-Grilled BBQ Oyters (see pic below people were excited)

-Reverse seared Tomahawk Steak

Matt had a great crew that was helping assist with some of the cooking and prep while Matt spoke with the class and answered all questions. 

Tips were given out all night on how to perfect your craft and being the ultimate grill master. Tips from: don't soak your wood chips, to the perfect internal temperatures for steak, to how to reverse sear a steak for maximum flavor. Everyone walked away with a few new tricks they were eager to apply the next time they fired up their grill. 

The insanely huge tomahawk steaks were the 'main event' to conclude the evening. These monsters were smoked and then reverse seared by placing them on open glowing wood chips to sear the flavor in. To finalize it a Banner Butter was placed on the steak to melt while it rested for 10 minutes before cutting into what could only be described as deliciousness. 

If you are ever around Waxahachie TX and want to get a few tips to take home to show who is king of the grill then check out:


They also produce some amazing rubs in fun flavors such as: Bacon BBQ, Honey Hog BBQ, Deez Nuts (pecan rub) and more. 

(Matt teaching the class about pork belly)

Best Steak for the Tailgate

Posted by lukelorick on February 26, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Steaks and grilling go together like beer and coolers. The question is what steak is best for you and for your tailgate?

From T Bones to Tomahawk steaks there are so many options out there. Our friends Peak Tailgating helped break this down further to help you with some of lifes tough decisions:)

Check it out: 

http://www.peaktailgate.com/blog/best-steak-to-grill-for-my-tailgate ;

What Steak is going to hit your grill grate and taste great?

Tailgate Sunrise Drink

Posted by lukelorick on February 5, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (4)

Early morning tailgates suck. Why do they have noon kickoffs anyways? Half of the tailgaters were out the night before conversating at local bars about how the team would do the following day. 

Getting up early with a mild hangover and no taste for the normal alcohol choices can doom a tailgate. 

I had to do something about this. Currently there are a few early morning go to's that people use to start the early tailgate with Mimosa, Bloody Mary or heck, even an ice cold beer. 

I decided to make a cocktail that would be smooth tasting, have alcohol and caffiene in it to hit the trifecta of what you need this early in the morning. 


To make you need the following: Champagne, grapefruit juice (or a juice of choice), and monster energy (or an engery drink of choice) this is my fav combo though. Your individual results may vary. 

You need about 75% champagne, and then split the remaining with juice and engery drink. 

The drink is sure to go down smoothly and get you awake in the right state of mind to dominate your tailgate!

Let us know what you think of this combination. 

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As always NEVER drink and drive and please drink responsibly. 

Dealing with Hangovers this tailgating season.

Posted by lukelorick on August 29, 2015 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (2)


With tailgating comes the chance of having a little too much adult fun and the chance of feeling less than remarkable the next day. We have had the chance to experiment with a variety of product s that claim to help your hangover.


In testing these products we found an unlikely combination that helps to start working before you begin imbibing and then a follow up product to take the edge off the following day.


With all anti-hangover products we know that if you drink way more than you should then there may be little help, but if you pair the Forget Hangovers all natural vitamin patch with Blowfish for hangovers together as a one two punch you will feel MUCH better than doing nothing.


The Forget Hangover patch should be applied before you begin consuming alcohol. It is a patch that releases vitamin B to help combat the damage the alcohol is causing. Then when you awake the next morning take two of the Blowfish for hangovers to feel like a champ. Blowfish for hangovers are effervescent tablets that dissolve in water and have a very mild taste that is very easy to drink.


These are two products that would pit themselves as rivals, but we believe its the perfect combination to help you this tailgating season. Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.

Winter Tailgating

Posted by lukelorick on December 13, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Football tailgating is amazing in the early part of the season when the weather is nice, but what do you do when it gets COLD out there before the big game.

Some call it quits and stay home. Others man/woman up and layer up in their clothes to stay warm. Either way we do not want you scared to tailgate because of the cold. Here are a few products that can make your tailgating experience much better during these winter months.

1. Tailgator Beverage Glove. These gloves have a built in koozie so your hands never get cold or wet. These are high quality gloves with thinsulate insulation and a waterproof lining so you can enjoy your drink and keep your hands toasty warm. Visit them: http://www.thetailgatorglove.com/

2. Sywpers USB rechargeable hand warmers: These hand warmers are charged via USB connection and stay warm up to three hours to help keep your hands warm. They come in your favorite college team logo too! Check them out: SWYPERS

3. Arctix Bottoms NFL tailgate pants: the first and only pants made for the tailgater in mind! Weather proof, built in drink holders, bottle opener and more. These pants will keep you warm and keep the party going! Check them out: www.tailgaiters.com

4. Your trusty fire pit. When all else fails get the fire roaring.

Stay warm out there people and remember remain awesome and CONTINUE tailgating. Don't let the cold stop you.

Order yours Today: 

Playoff Tailgating Challenge

Posted by lukelorick on December 7, 2014 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well the final 4 in college football was announced today: Alabama vs Ohio State and Oregon vs. Florida St.

Alabama and Oregon will be hosting the first ever college football playoff tailgating.  These fans are going to the game will be able to be a part of history as NO ONE has ever tailgated for a college football playoff game, until now.

Let's break these two host schools down a bit further. Alabama has the long standing tradition as a year in year top top 5 five team that has had more success than almost any school dating back well before many of us were even born.

Oregon is the new kid on the block but has been as good as Alabama, or close to it, for the past few years. Oregons top alumni created Nike and they get the coolest gear to wear, bar none.

We are talking about tailgating though so who will host the best tailgate this first ever year of playoff tailgating? Oregon is the 'sexy' pick to go with as they are on the cutting edge of everything cool, but not so fast my friend I'm going with the Tide as they will be tailgating in the South in the winter and I'm going out on a limb and thinking that the weather for the Alabama game will be much warmer than the in game in Oregon. Not to be too biased but from my experience the SOUTH has the best tailgating that I've ever been a part of and this will be no different Alabama should WIN this tailgating head to head matchup.

Have other thoughts let's hear it!


Its almost TIME

Posted by lukelorick on August 10, 2014 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

It's been a long offseason, but it's almost time for FOOTBALL!

With that comes some hardcore tailgating. True tailgaters can tailgate for any event, but we all know that EVERYONE loves to tailgate for College and NFL games.

We here at tailgating challenge have been busting it to partner with numerous companies to help bring you tailgating giveaways all season long. We are well on our way to making that happen this season, so much so that we are expanding additional giveaways over to our Twitter page @TailgatingChall

We appreciate all of our fans and like you are ready to get down and dirty this fall with tailgating and football!

Make sure you check back often and sign up to be a member so you don't miss any of our giveaways!

Until next time don't just tailgate, tailgate better!

Practice, We are talking about Practice

Posted by lukelorick on April 3, 2014 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We all have heard the saying that practice makes perfect. Well this is true in all things in life, especially tailgating.

We get it and know most tailgaters are only active during football season, but there are many reasons why you should keep your tailgating skills honed in the offseason.

1. tailgating injuries: Tailgaters never get injured, right? Wrong, we have seen it all too many times where people have fallen off a tailgate, ran to catch a pass and fallen down, try to open a drink and hurt their hand. We even saw two men race each other in the street and one face planted. So YES injuries can happen, but with proper off season training you can reduce the risk of injury to you and your tailgating crew.

2. better tailgates: Think about it, the more you practice your craft the better you become. Training in the offseason may open up ideas and new products you see that will help you tailgate better when football season rolls around.

3. less waste: Learn how to properly open your beer so it doesn't shoot out the top, make sure if you pop bottles you keep the bubbly in the bottle, spill your drink less. All this comes with practice. You can expect to take 8 months off from the gym and then go in and dominate like you did before.

4. ITS FUN: come on if you had to read this far to convice yourself to tailgate more often then.....get it together!! Tailgating should be a year long tradition for all!

While we can't wait for football season we will continue to train in the in 'offseason' to be even better than last year.

We hope this has inspired you to perfect your tailgating prowess. Now go out there and DO WORK!

Tailgating with Kids

Posted by lukelorick on March 3, 2014 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Many of us have children that we want to tailgating and to enjoy the expereince with us on gameday. We want to share with you how we successfully accomplish tailgating at football/baseball games for extended periods of time. College Football games are Our Family Fun time, if you are prepared you can absolutely have a blast too!


#1 Always get them in bed at least a half hour early! We don't want Cranky wake ups.


#2 the night before make sure all electronics are charged, and the car is Packed! (Leave room for the children)


#3 do not forget a football, baseball, CORNHOLE, some kind of activity, also plenty of food, snacks, drinks, kids are more likely to eat and drink twice what they do at home, so stock up!


#4 establish a group to meet up with,with children, if you do not have a season parking pass, get there early to find good parking, or ask friends that have children the same age as yours if you can join them. The best way to keep your children happy is to have others around for them to play with!


#5 make a kit with any and everything you may need. My kit has a first aid kit, tape, scissors, coloring books and crayons, sharpies and paper for autographs, safety pins, a change of clothes for everyone, snacks. It's important to stay prepared with kids, but especially when you are at a crowded event and a camera.


#6 A pillow and blankets. We tailgate for 6-12 hours and our youngest doesn't make it the whole day or night sometimes, so he just grabs his pillow and blanket and curls up in a chair or the back of our SUV.


#7 be willing to explore with your kids, if your not tailgating with a big group, my suggestion is before you pull everything out, take your kiddos for a walk, let them check everything out. They are more inclined to behave if you have made the first 30 mins to an hour about them and what they want to do.


#8 ALWAYS BRING TOILET PAPER, porta potties at a stadium full of drunk people can get really gross, and run out of toilet paper really fast so TP is essential.


#9. If your child has no interest in the team/sport/outdoors, it may be best to find them a sitter. Tailgating can be great family fun, but it's all about outdoors, sports, food, and fun. If your child isn't interested in that, then you and your child will be interested!


#10. Include your children in the prep and follow through. Let them help you pack the car, set up your spot, prepare/cook the food. They will be so proud of what they did they will stay excited the whole time. Have a great time and enjoy you Family Fun!