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Tuff Truck Dry Bag

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The red Tuff Tote Bag is a smaller handheld bag that rolls up to seal and clips together to form the bag's handle. This bag is ideal for all outdoor activities (beach, boat, and camping). Made with waterproof heavy duty non-breathable PVC material all seams are water-tight sealed using heat fusion and epoxy. Class 3 waterproof with measurements of 18”h by 14”w and with a circumference of 28”. Roll down enclosure for water tight seal.




Tuff Tote Bags are class 3 waterproof dry bags. All Tuff Tote Bags are made from weatherproof, waterproof, non-breathable PVC material and feature heat fusion sealed seams along all edges.

Tuff Tote Bags roll down to seal tight creating a nearly air tight seal. Once rolled down the top of the bag clips to the side to keep the bag shut. Tuff Truck Bags are heat fused together with epoxy to maintain its watertight structure.

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