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Bear Paws Review

The baddest way to shred some meat!

We just had the chance to test out the Bear Paws. These are a culinary tool that can be used for shredding meat, pulling meat, lifting and gripping large items (like a full turkey), a salad tosser, and more.

What originally caught my eye with the Bear Paws was that they look, shall i say, BEASTLY. When you hold them you literally have Bear Paws on your hand. Its great when a product works well, but its a different level when it works and makes you feel amazing while doing a task, as well.

Maybe I'm a bit different, but sometimes I just like to have them on and show them off to people...Ok there's no maybe about it, I'm different:) but I digress.

PROS: look great, work great,, economical, will be something that sparks conversations at tailgates. Heat resistant to 475 degrees. Lifetime warranty, dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.

CONS: I initially thought these were going to be a metal type product and was mildly disappointed, at first, as I thought they would be more durable, but metal is a great conductor of heat, so yeah they made a good choice:)

Overall if you couldn't tell I'm a fan and I'll give these the Tailgating Challenge Stamp of approval. I'd recommend clicking the link below to order a set and have some fun at the next tailgating:)

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