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Here at Tailgating Challenge we love reviewing new products and helping both up and coming companies and established companies ,alike market their products to the tailgating community.

We offer unique services that include, but are not limited to:

-Product Reviews: FREE!

-Social Media Giveaways

-Email blasts to thousands of registered fans

-Individual posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

-Banner ads

-One on One personalized program to market your product

-Helping launch a successful KickStarter campaign

-Personalized consulting to help YOU succeed!

What are some of the companies working with saying about Tailgating Challenge:

"You guys are marketing magicians!" -Koolernaut

"Tailgating Challenge you are legendary." -Nipi Coolers

"Our facebook page grew 25% in one day thanks to Tailgating Challenge" -FanHands

" Wow…just wow!  You do kick a$$!" -Factory Direct

"I can't thank you enough for this priceless exposure." -Shadepop

"Your promo has had a HUGE impact on my side in followers and sales." Rollors

Our goal is to help YOU grow your brand and meet your goals. Our company can easily adapt to your requests, so let us know what you need us to help you with.

We stay up to date with the latest in Google, social media, and all the rules and guidelines to stay relevant in this ever changing marketplace.

To date we have helped hundred's of companies increase their brand awareness and we can do the same for you.

The costs depend on the level of service, but our basic product review services are FREE.

Send us a message and let us help you today!

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Kickstarters that we helped reach GOAL!

-Coolest Cooler      http://coolest.com/

-Nipi Coolers         http://nipicoolers.com/

-Carson Rodizio    http://www.carsonrodizio.com/

Check out the REACH.