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Master of the tailgate since 2012. Founder of National Tailgating Day. 

Luke Lorick

Chief Executive Officer

Tailgating Challenge Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

As I lay in bed in Sugar Hill Georgia on a fall night in 2012 an idea struck me to form Tailgating Challenge. I was always told if you do something you love you never work a day in your life. I grew up loving to tailgate at the University of South Carolina (I would later graduate from South Carolina in 2004). After that, I put effort into working on Tailgating Challenge every day to make it the best it can be for my fans. 

National Tailgating Day was Formed

In 2016 I kept seeing different National Days for this and that, everywhere in the media. I thought, there must be a National Tailgating Day, but there was not. I knew I had to change this and I worked with National Day Calendar to form an annual National Tailgating Day that is now celebrated the first Saturday of every September. 

Review, Review, Review

One of my original concepts was to get as many tailgating products that I could get my hands on to have FUN with them and to share real (NON PAID) truths about products. Five years later I've never taken a penny to complete a product review and I've reviewed hundreds of tailgating products to become a subject matter expert in this area. (From neon cowboy hats to beer buckles)

What's next?

-Getting out to more and more tailgating venues to see how people all over the country do it.
-More fun and unique product reviews
-Heck I'd like to do a TV SHOW on tailgating
-Going wherever this exciting ride takes me
-Of course continuing to shower my fans with THANKS for following me and supporting over the years.