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A beer made with GRITS?

Posted by lukelorick on July 16, 2018 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (4)

I was born and raised in SC and although I now live in Texas my South Carolina roots run deep. Grits is an iconic southern breakfast that people in the south enjoy on a regular basis. 

From eating them by adding butter, or going all out and putting cheese and shrimp in the grits there are many ways this southern staple can be prepared to please just about anyone. 

I thought I had tried beer in just about every format possible until I heard about a beer made from grits! Really a beer made from grits? You know I had to try this. Revelry Brewing Company (Charleston, SC) now makes a Gullah Cream Ale and uses Geechie Boy grits (Edisto Island) in the brewing of the beer. 

My first thought was, would beer made from grits be any good? Would it taste like grits? There is only one way to find out. I traveled to the Charleston area and located a couple of cans of the Gullah Cream Ale to try for myself. 

I got them nice and cold and then poured it up. The beer has a very refreshing and had a creamy taste. I don't think I'd be able to tell that grits were used in the making of the beer, as it doesn't taste like grits, but the creamy flavor of the beer is derived from the use of grits in the brewing process. 

I enjoyed the Gullah Cream out that was poured out of the can and I heard that the tap version is even better. Guess where I need to stop next time I'm in Charleston. 

Now I want to know do you love grits and would you try a beer made from grits? 

Watch my video when I taste test this unique beer: https://youtu.be/x3S6udB2zAs

Learn more about the Gullah Cream Ale by visiting Revelry Brewing Company.

Biggest Pizza Ever?

Posted by lukelorick on March 20, 2018 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (1)

I went out to Deep Ellum in Dallas Texas for St. Patty's Day 2018. Having a great time can cause you to work up a BIG appetite. I was lucky since we saw a sign for SERIOUS PIZZA. We ducked in to order a pizza for the 6 of us and learned it was a 90 minute wait time. Normally I would be shocked and appalled, but given my current mood and the ability to go to a local bar to kill time, it was all good. 

After downing a few beers, while waiting, we learned our pizza was ready. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't a pizza this big. This was the biggest pizza I had ever seen in my life. When the box was opened it was like an angel started to sing. The steam came up and the smell made us even more hungry. I still couldn't believe how big the pizza was and you hear me let out "Man thats a big A$$ pizza" in the background of the video. I love honest and real reactions!

We all had plenty to fill the six of us up and then it was back to celebrate the rest of St. Patty's Day. I may not remember everything from this day, but this pizza was unforgettable!

Check out the video and let me know the biggest pizza you've ever seen!

https://youtu.be/j5ZWuGtDelw" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/j5ZWuGtDelw

TV in Bathroom Mirror

Posted by lukelorick on March 8, 2018 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (34)

I love sports and love watching the whenever I can. Going to the restroom is necessary for many reason, but I've never had a TV in the bathroom. I recently was in Dallas TX at the Omni and saw that the mirror in the bathroom was a little different. Turns out it had a fog proof tv built in!

Now I can watch TV while in the bathroom. What a time to be alive. 

Check out the full video of it on my https://youtu.be/Z9799oVaplg" target="_blank">YouTube Channel 


CraftXbeer review

Posted by lukelorick on December 23, 2017 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (22)

I get tons of different boxes delivered to my door, but there is something pretty cool about getting BEER delivered. CraftXbeer is a delivery service for BEER. They partner with two unique breweries each month and send the beer to your door. As I've gotten older I enjoy experiencing more than just the 'lite' beers that used to be my go to's. That is what makes this service great, they find the unique beers and send them to you to try.




Each month two different breweries are featured and you get two different types of their beer (for a total of 4 different types of beer each month). In each box you get 12 beers and they are all 1 pint each.


In my test box delivery I got beers from Mason Aleworks and Durty Bull Brewing. From Mason Aleworks was a Vanilla Cash porter and Lysaught Ale. From Durty Bull Brewing they featured the Rice IPA and the White Stout. The beers included were more for the winter season (as I recieved in December) and I would imagine in the summer you would get more of the summer seasonal offerings.




When the package arrives you will have to be home and be 21 years of age or older to sign for it (since it is alcohol). There is a proper way to open the box up for presentation that I obviously didn't do correctly (I must have been too excited to see what beer was included). The box will actually flip open to show some CraftXbeer logos and motivational quotes when done correctly. From there put the beer in the fridge to chill and tell your tastebuds to get ready for some fun new flavors.




What makes CraftXbeer fun and unique lets list the reasons:


-Beer delivered to your door


-2 different breweries featured each month


-Ability to get beer that you can't get at your local store


-Can host your own 'flight' sampling with friends each month




Overall, I love the concept with CraftXbeer and my only feedback would be that it would be cool to be able to pick what kind of beers you want from the brewery of the month. If somone doesn't like a porter they could then select an IPA in its place (or some variation of that). All I know is that it's totally awesome to get beer in the mail. Get excited people and check out CraftXbeer!

Party Cup Holder Review

Posted by lukelorick on December 17, 2017 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (1)

There is nothing worse than spilling your drink! Ok, I may be over exaggerating, but spilling your drink is one party foul that you need to avoid. The team at Storage Theory is all about helping you stop party fouls and thus the Party Cup Holder was created.


The Party Cup Holder is just that: a holder of your solo cup, so you can get a better grip on things. The Party Cup Holder is actually 3D printed from plastic and feels great in your hand. The Party Cup Holder is light-weight and is textured to ensure it won't slip.


I busted a couple of these out and it was amazing to see people come up to look at them closer and ask questions. Think about a time you put sun screen on at the game, had a juicy burger, or ate some greasy tailgate snacks that got your hand a little slippery. When your greasy hand comes in contact to the plain old solo cup it could be a nightmare in the making. The slippery grease on the sleek plastic of the solo cup could allow you to lose your grip and before you know it you've spilt your drink, your friends are laughing at your and you now want to go home. Stop the madness with the Party Cup Holder.




Let me help walk you through the instructions to use them:


1. Pull a Party Cup Holder out


2. Drop a solo cup in the Party Cup Holder


3. Pour your drink and enjoy.


Ok, so you don't need a manual to show you how to use these Party Cup Holders, but I wanted to show that yeah, it's really that easy to use.




The party cup holders come in white or black and are ready to help you stop the following:


1.Warming up your drink with your hands.


2.Getting your hands cold by gripping the ice cold drink.


3.Allowing the sweet nectar of the gods in your cup to spill.


4.Allows you to look fancy, no matter what is actually in your red solo cup.




PROS: comes in 2 colors, feels great in your hands, allows you to get a grip on your drink


CONS: they will not fold flat to fit in your pocket. Should you be walking around the venue and need to head into the stadium you can toss your solo cup, but these won't fit in your pocket.




Overall, if you're hanging around the tailgate and you want to avoid party fouls, while classing up your solo cup, then it's time for a Party Cup Holder.

Chaheati Heated Chair Review

Posted by lukelorick on December 17, 2017 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (4)

Let's face it, most people tailgate in the fall. College football and NFL football bring the tailgaters out and the cooler temperatures feel great, but as we get into winter people aren't as excited to go out and be in the cold, because they are human! Humans don't like to be cold. I understand and appreciate that and at the same time I want everyone to tailgate year round. The world is a better place if people are tailgating and having fun. So aside from putting on another layer, how else can people stay warm at the tailgate....Chaheati Heated Chair.




I've shown off multiple chairs that have built in fans for those hot summers days, but now it's time for a chair that can warm your butt up when its cold outside. The Chaheati chair can do this just that. They sent me one of their new Mossy Oak MAXX heated chairs to see how it would do for the winter tailgaters.




The Chaheati chair is an over-sized, collapsible chair that looks like a regular tailgating chair until you push the button on the bottom right of the chair. Hold the button down for a couple of seconds and it will light up red. After a few minutes you can actually feel the heat coming from the bottom of the chair. The Chaheati chair is unique in its heating element as it uses a woven heating technology instead of coils. I fired this up and, without telling my wife, I asked her to sit in the chair (she is very cold natured), she lit up and stated this is the best product you've ever gotten after feeling the heat come out of the chair.


The Chaheati chair is powered by a lithium rechargable battery that provides hours of heat (up to 6) and it can charge up your phone too! The chair weighs 12lbs and comes with a carrying case as well. There are a few different color styles you can choose from. The Chaheati chair has 3 different settings High (red), medium (blue) and low (white). I prefer to keep it on the all out red mode, myself.




PROS: provides good heat for hours, charges for your phone, oversized


CONS: No storage pockets, no team logos to pick from...maybe some heated arm rests in the future could be a thing.




Overall, if you plan to tailate, hunt, or just be outside this winter, then a Chaheati heated chair could make your time spent outside more enjoyable.

Korin Design Clickpack Pro Anti-Theft Backpack

Posted by lukelorick on December 17, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I love a good backpack and I need one when I'm at work, or potentially at a tailgate. You know me, I enjoy something that does more than average. The Clickpack Pro backpack from Korin Design has a few extra goodies that make it a safe way to protect what's in your backpack too.


The Clickpack Pro has tons of different compartments to store your laptop, to camera, to keys (built in keyring) and even umbrella compartment. This is great, but all backpacks can carry things. Lets check out some of the things that make this Clickpack PRO special:


-Water Repellent outer shell to keep your electronics dry


-Phone/Electronics charger on the outside (does require a power source/battery to be included in the interior pocket)


-Retractable metal wire lock. You can lock up your backpack so people can't take off with it. (see the video below)


-Slash resistant fabric. Since a thief can't run off with it they may try to cut into it and the outside is slash resistant


-Zipper lock. No one can open your bag and look inside of it.




In testing the water does repel off the outer shell. I did not dunk or submerge in water, as I don't think it will hold up to going under water. The knife proof material works well with slashing motions with a sharp knife, but can still be punctured should you 'poke' at it. The Zipper lock and retractable metal wire lock work, but you have to ensure you have them set up properly. It can appear that this set, but it may not be and then the entire safety system fails (so test it before you walk away).




PROS: water repellant, ability to charge your phone, locking system, lots of different pockets for storage.


CONS: the locking system take a moment to set correctly and needs to be tested before you walk away (in one of the videos we shot I thought it was se,t but then the 'theif' ran off with the bag!) It was user error, but good to note to ensure you are safe! It would also be nice if the bag came with a built in charging system for your phone/electronics.




In using the Clickpack Pro it has a pocket for everything and the laptop portion is shock proof to better protect your computer. This is a great backpack if you ever plan to have it off in public and need to lock it up, so no one takes off with your possessions. All it needs now is a cooler compartment to throw a few beers in to be the ultimate tailgating backpack!

Yukon Glory Steak Boards Review

Posted by lukelorick on December 16, 2017 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I love a good steak and grilling one to perfection to then put it on a basic plate lacks the proper presentation the meat deserves. The team at Yukon Glory came up with premium steak boards for you to present your work of art in the most eye appealing way possible.




The steak boards are made from Acacia wood and look beautiful when you pull them from the box. The boards have a built in knife holder (knife is included), two cut outs for dipping sauces should you be feeling a little saucey, and even a drip ring to catch any of the steak juices, so they don't run off the board.




Lets look at the features that make this board the perfect center piece at your next cook out:


-Acacia wood. The wood is perfectly smooth and looks elegant.


-Included knife. It has serated edges and has the wooden handle to match the board.


-2 sauce cups. Ready for your dipping sauces of choice.


-Drip ring. The groove fully encircles where you'll put the meat, so it can catch any juices.




PROS: looks great, built in knife slot, drip ring, can class up the presentation of your food


CONS: not dishwasher safe




Overall, if you're having guests over for a nice cook out, this will put the finishing touches on the amazing meal you will prepare. The presentation of your food will be taken to a new level. It's said that how the eye precieves the food can enhance or detract from the actual taste of the food. Prepare to enjoy your steak even more with the Yukon Glory Steak Boards.

Mingle Easy Plates Review

Posted by lukelorick on December 13, 2017 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

When you're out tailgating it's all hands on deck. You need your hands to have fun and enjoy the tailgate, not fumble around with your food and drinks. That's why the Mingle Easy plate was invented.


The Mingle Easy tailgating plates help hold your food and drink all in ONE hand. That is correct: your food and your drink in just one hand. This leaves your other hand open to throw cornhole, play beer pong, high five your buddies or grab another drink:)


There are other plates on the market that are one hand style tailgating plates, but the Mingle Easy is the only plate (that I've seen to date) that can have your favorite college team logo on the center of the plate. That is what makes these a true tailgating plate, because now you can tailgate better and have your plates cheer your team to victory.


The Mingle Easy plates come in a 6 pack with your favorite team logo right in the center. They are great for tailgating, or at a party where there are no tables to place your food down.


The Mingle Easy also dominates the standard paper plates in a variety of ways:


-Hold your good and drink with one hand


-Has your favorite NCAA logo on the plate


-Reusable so you don't have so much trash or cost of buying paper plates over and over. (Mother Nature will give you a high five)


-Dishwasher safe. I tested as I feared the logo would fade and after a few washes the logo still looks bright.


-Strong. These plates are much stronger than the standard paper plate, so no fear of them giving way and spilling your food.



In testing these with beer cans, beer bottles and wine glasses they all worked with the Mingle Easy, but some worked better (watch the video below) The wine glass fits on this plate like a glove. If you drink wine this is the plate for you. I was impressed with that. Next up, the classic beer can came in second with how well it worked with the plate, as it will sit on top of the plate in the groove made for the can. Finally, the beer bottle was my least favorite to use with the Mingle Easy as it was not as secure as the other two and had more of a chance to fall or spill.




PROS: Holds drinks and food in one hand, reusable, dishwasher safe, has your teams logo


CONS: didn't feel as confident with beer bottles in use.




Overall, if you eat and drink at the tailgate then you need these Mingle Easy plate. Do yourself and mother nature a favor, step up your plate game. Don't just mingle...Mingle Easy.

See our product review section for all of our reviews for hundreds of tailgating style products. 

Santa's Flask Review

Posted by lukelorick on December 4, 2017 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Christmas time is in the air and with that comes relatives, shopping for gifts, and stress! One of the things people are always looking for in December are stocking stuffers. Well the team at Party Flask came up with Santa's Flask to make it that much easier to deal with stress and trying to figure out what to stuff the stocking with.

Santa's Flask is just that, a flask that has a sturdy clip so you can hang it from the mantel and fill it up, just like a stocking. It can hold up to 2.25 liters which is plenty to help santa warm up after dropping off your presents. Santa's flask has a wide mouth screw off top that makes it simple to fill up with your favorite holiday spirit. There is an easy pour spout at the bottom that makes it a breeze to fill your cup up.

If you fill Santa's Flask all the way up you will need a heavy duty stocking holder, or a good nail in the mantel as it can hold well over a full bottle of the alcohol of your choice.

Filling it up is simple with the large mouth design. When you pull up on the easy pour spout the liquor flows out pretty fast...Like it wants you to drink it. The stocking is BPA-free which is a plus. The only downfall is that it can be hard to get the inside of this flask fully dry after washing.

Did I mention this can hold 3 bottles of wine, should liquour not be your thing. Just throwing that out there!

PROS: fun design, BPA-free, holds A LOT of booze, festive, easy pour spout

CONS: Need a heavy duty stocking holder if you fill it up, hard to get the inside dry after use.

Overall, this is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Instead of getting your loved ones stocking stuffers this year, get them Santa's Flask because you will always know what to fill it with!