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Bullets2Bandages Shot Glass Review

Shot glasses today are a dime a dozen. They usually have a witty or crude saying on them, or they remind you of a vacation you took to a particular area. This is all well and good, but I like things that are unique and really make you say SWEET. 

The shot glasses I recieved from Bullets2Bandages (company that gives back a % of each purchase to veteran supported charities) look to be revolver barrels from a six shooter that have 1.25 oz of space for you to pour your vice of choice into the barrel!

PROS: each purchase supports vets, awesome design and gift idea. Great topic at your next party.

CONS: can't go into the dishwasher, so handwash only. 

Overall, this seems like a great company with an awesome variation of the shot glass. This shot glass defines the true meaning of taking a SHOT of your favorite beverage!

Get yours today and help support our vets!