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Cave Tools Digital Thermometer

There are times when we just need to know the temperature of something whether is food or drink sometimes the difference in temperature could be a big deal. We got in our quick read digital thermometer from our friends at Cave Tools recently. I'll be honest I haven't used many cooking style thermometers in my life, but this one is SUPER simple to use and it quickly reads the temperature on the digital screen (2-4 seconds in our tests)

The thermometer is durable and water proof. One thing I like is that it comes with the battery, so its ready to use right out of the package!

This thermometer can read temps fro -40F to 450F.

Of course we test things slightly different than the average person. In one of our tests we decided to check the temperature of our Beer:) See below.

PROS: easy to use, ready to use out of box, quickly reads temperature, appears very accurate.

CONS: As far as thermometers go I haven't found one yet

Overall, if you're in need of a cooking thermometer I can say this one has worked well for us. 

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