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Cooler Can Monthly Review

"Are You a Koozie Lover?"
I’d say my collection of 300+ koozies confirms that I may be more of a koozie lover than most.  But who doesn’t like a cold beer!? 

Cooler Can Monthly offers its members the chance to wrap their beers in the battle flags of bars and businesses from around the country.  It’s a very cool concept, something like Netflix for koozies, but you get to keep them! 

The Koozies:  Each Koozie you receive is made of a durable neoprene in a collapsable side stitched design.  Which are personally my favorite since they’re perfect for storing in your back pocket in between beverages. 

The Packaging: Each koozie is vacuum sealed in its own pouch.  Making the koozies easy to store away until needed.  

Overall I really like the service, from $4.99-6.99 per month you can choose which package best suits you.

Check them out here: