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Grillight Review

I work long hours and that normally means by the time I get home and fire the grill up it's dark. I've grilled many a meal with minimal light, but along the way I've undercooked some meat. I grill by sight and when it's too dark to see it could impact your results. I recently met up with Grillight at a local tradeshow and knew this was a product that would benefit my grilling and other grillmasters too. 

The Grillight comes in the follow styles: 

-standard size Grillight spatula

-oversized Grillight spatula

-Grillight tongs

-Grillight basting brush

The Grillight takes the standard grilling accessories you need to grill up an awesome meal and adds an LED light. Obviously, the light is what makes this product different in the marketplace. Let's talk about the light. The light is waterproof, but I'd still take it out before you put these tools in the dishwasher (they are dishwasher safe). It is an LED light that is rated at 20,000 hours (it comes with batteries). This isn't just some dull light, it will truly help to light your grill up.

Check out the video below to watch this in action. 

The Grillight sounds great, but of course let's but this to the test. One night I fired up the grill and tossed some steaks on the hot grill grates. The sizzle began and I went out and pressed the button on the Grillight….WOW it really lit the grill up well to see exactly how the meat looked. It was like Night and Day (no pun intended). I was able to effectively visually check the steaks and knew when it was time to pull them off. 

The Grillight has a flashlight in the handle that has a release button that allows you to take the light out to change the batteries or, as noted previously, put it in the dishwasher. 

The Grillight is a must for anyone that grills at night and is something that I will always use when the sun sets and grill fires up.