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Koolernaut Review

First impressions of the Koolernaut are great.  It’s a 3 part system consisting of a koozie, digital thermometer inset, and a reusable ice puck. The koozie is a solid oldshool foam design that keeps beer cold just like it should.  It has a hole punched in the front for the digital thermometer component as well as a very helpful temperature guide on the back to keep you consuming your favorite beverage properly.  The digital thermometer insert is what makes the Koolernaut special.  It’s constructed of black plastic with a metal faceplate, with a pressure switch on the back to activate the thermometer when a can is inserted.  The last component, the ice puck,, is what I most enjoyed about this koozie.  I don’t have much of a problem finding a cold beer, as I do keeping a beer cold while I drink it in the hot summer months.  The reusable ice puck contours to the bottom of your can to ensure the beer stays nice and frosty throughout.


Sturdy koozie design

Accurate digital thermometer

Temperature guide on back

Koozie floats in water

ICE PUCK (to keep it extra COLD)


Battery not replacable

Thermometer is always on (with can inserted)

Thermometer not waterproof

My final thoughts on the Koolernaut are this…  I love the product and all 3 components, but I do think they have room for improvement.  First I’d love to see a replaceable battery.  The company advertises a 4000 hour battery life, if that’s true then maybe I can live with it as is. When I look at these big foam type koozies I think about boating and being on the water, maybe that’s just me but I’ve always used the floating foam koozies when water is near.  Sadly the digital thermometer component is NOT water resistant. In fact it failed on me almost immediately after water touched it.  Not to worry, I was able to revive it with a couple of quick shakes.  Overall, great concept and very unique twist on a classic koozie.