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Tailgating Challenge was formed in 2012 and has since grown into the largest tailgating specific page in the world. We have a strong contingent of not only tailgaters, but campers and outdoor enthusiasts in general. Tailgating Challenge specializes in product reviews, giveaways and an bringing increased brand awareness to companies both big and small. 

We have worked with over 300 companies to date. Some of which are Alpine Electronics,Yeti, Zippo, Igloo, Wilton Armetale, Club Car and more. We have even worked with comedian Adam Carolla on his new line of beverages!

Tailgating Challenge website has had:

Over 200,000 unique visitors to date from all over the world. The majority of site traffic is from the continental USA.

Social Media: 

Facebook: Over 186,000 fans. We reached over 300,000 people in the last month.

Twitter: Over 22,000 fans. Last month our tweets made over 150,000 impressions.

Instagram: Over 27,000 fans.

Honors and Publications:

Tailgating Challenge founded the first ever National Tailgating Day that occurs the first Saturday of every September. 2016 to be celebrated on 9/3/16.

We were featured in the Fall Edition of Eat This Not That magazine

We had our first TV reference on Fox News last fall. 

We made the Cover of the Dallas based Waxahachie NOW Magazine. 

We worked with CitiBank on this tailgating article on saving time and money. 

Spurs & Feathers (as University of South Carolina Publication) Did this article on National Tailgating Day

Ellis County Living Magazine piece I worked on for tailgating safety. 

Story of creating National Tailgating Day featured in Tailgater Monthly magazine.

SEC Network Paul Finebaum show discussing National Tailgating Day. 

A fun entreprenuer style feature on Voyage Dallas digital magazine. 

Check out our article about National Tailgating Day in Tailgater Magazine pg 70

Check out these weekly stats: