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ORCA Rocket Review

The koozie and the stainless tumbler have just crossed over and made the ORCA Rocket. The Rocket is a stainless steel koozie that not only keeps your drinks cold, but protects from breaking, should you drop the beverage. What's even better is that the Rocket can transfrom to fit a bottle or a canned drink. 

The Orca Rocket came in yesterday and we quickly put it to use. It breaks down so you can completely incase a 12 oz bottle and then breaks down, so you can add a 12 oz can. No matter what is being served at your tailgate party this koozie is ready for action. There is even a bottle opener built into the bottom of the Rocket. Watch our video below to see this bad boy in action. 

PROS: Fits cans and bottles, built in bottle opener, keeps drinks ice cold, no condensation on koozie, changing the Rocket to fit a bottle or a can is very easy.

CONS: Can not yet customize to your own colors

Overall: I'm very impressed with this product and the flexibility it allows you to have with cans and bottles. This could be the last koozie you ever need. 

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