Tailgating Challenge

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We love tailgating and challenging you to have more fun than ever. Below are some challenges for you to try. Send us your attempts at these:)


Send us an email with your Challenge to: tailgatingchallenge@gmail.com

-Toe Touch Challenge: I channel my inner cheerleader for this one. What you got? 

- Tequila WORM Challenge: Will you eat the worm?

-McGangBang Challenge: Order this provocative sounding sandwich and record yourself and the reaction

-O'DOUL'S Challenge: In a blind taste test can you determine which beer is Non-Alcoholic?

- Motorized Cooler Challenge: Line up your coolers and race. 

GIANT Cornhole Challenge: Can you sink the shot on the BIG Board?

-Mannequin Challenge REMIX: We were the first to do the remix with this popular challenge. Lets see your attempt.