Tailgating Challenge

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Tailgating Tips of the Week

Check out our new series giving you tailgating tips to take your next tailgating event to the next level of perfection. 

If you have a tip you think we need to do a video on please share and you may see your idea shared with the tailgating world. 


Tailgating Tip #1: Rock Salt to make your cooler colder than ice cold.

Tailgating Tip #2 You need to properly relax at your next tailgate!

Tailgating Tip #3: Keep Bugs Away From Your Food!

Tailgating Tip #4 Take your Tailgate Mobile

Tailgate Tip #5 Open a Beer with your ring.

Tailgating Tip #6 Get more than cold drinks from your cooler. 

Tailgate Tip #7 Get more out of your koozies!

Tailgate Tip #8 Open your beer with more style

Tailgating Tip #9 Stay in Tailgating Shape!

Tailgating Tip #10: Have more fun with unique tailgating games

Tailgating Tip #11: Throw Darts at your BEER?!

Tailgating Tip #12: Try Beer Yoga

Tailgating Tip #13: Know all about the different cornhole boards