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The Pasta Shoppe Review

Every tailgate needs amazing food. Amazing tailgating food has two components: 

A: It tastes great B: it is fun. 

The Tailgateand Celebrate pasta that comes in team colors from The Pasta Shoppe does both. The pasta is in the shapes of football helmets and footballs and comes in a variety of colors. 

I cooked up a pot today with my own recipe and was impressed by how easy it was to make. The steps I used were simple. 

1. Boil pasta for approximately 6 minutes. 

2. Dice cumcumbers and bell peppers

3. Italian Dressing and Olive Oil stirred in

4. Eat

After I cooked the pasta I ran cold water of the pasta (little trick that you may not have known for pasta salads) then I tossed the italian dressing and olive oil in along with my veggies and presto! Game Day ready to serve in under 20 minutes. 

PROS: game day ready, good taste, fun

CONS: it would be real cool if the pasta came in team logos:)

Overall, I've never been a huge pasta salad fan, but after today this will be on my game day menu!

CELEBRATE AND TAILGATE imagine the PastaBilities 

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