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WonkyWare Cups

Drinking some freshly poured beer in a pint glass is a great way to start the weekend. The only problem with normal pint glasses is that they are GLASS and if you drop them they will shatter and can cause potential injury and clean up. Talk about a party foul. 

The team at WonkyWare came up with plastic pint glasses, but these are a little bit more than just your average plastic cup. 

First off, the clarity of these WonkyWear cups is just like glass. On the surface you can't tell its plastic until you pick one up and you feel how light they are. 

You also have the fact that these are SUPER tough plastic pint glasses. I dropped them, threw them and even stood on top of them to test out their durability. Check the video to watch the tests take place. 

PROS: clarity, toughness, ability to customize with your business or favorite logo.

CONS: They didn't send me any with TAILGATING CHALLENGE on them:)

Overall, These are fun glasses that could make your party safer without losing any of the clarity of your normal pint glass. If you'd like to learn more then check out: 


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